Osprey Chick Viewing

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze
Quick trip to the summer place in Gimli to check on things but not without checking on the Osprey first. Finally the first view of one of two chicks at one of the locations.

Each year the adults continue to add twigs and branches and the nest has now become quite large and deep. This would account for not seeing the white heads of the chicks much sooner.

The chicks are still at the awkward stage as they attempt to reach the rim of the nest.

This stage will soon pass as they grow quickly.


photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

With a friend in town visiting from Montreal the day would start with a visit to Lockport. For those who are not familiar Lockport is on the Red River North of Winnipeg and attract large numbers of Pelicans each year.

They go about their daily search for fish at the base of the dam giving plenty of up-close viewing opportunities.

After a morning of shooting, lunch at the a unique retro furnished Drive Inn called the Half Moon for a Hot Dog & Home Made Fries…doesn’t get any better than that.

Action in the Sky on Banding Day

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Someone was not happy with our presence on Banding Day…can’t blame her.

Well we now have the potential of adding 3 females and 1 male from the two locations banded into the Peregrine pool.
The chicks have yet to fledge which is always the concern when they do so…hopefully they will all fledge without incident.