Just Hanging Out

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Two of the three Great Horned Owlets just hanging out together. At this stage the owlets at times tend to stick close together…even though they are now able to fly they are still unable to hunt for themselves.
Relying on the adults for food…finding rabbit remains is not uncommon.

There is always an adult nearby that will defend the owlets from Crows that tend to mob the owls…both adults and owlets.
Mobbing can often go on for prolonged periods of time…something that is sad to witness.
So it goes in the Nature World.

Something Un-Expected

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

You wouldn’t expect to find much of interest in a small residential park…yet this rather small treed area had become home for Great Horned Owls.
The path that runs through the park is used by cyclists, joggers and folks walking the dog.

When the owls would be considering a nest site in late winter to early spring there wouldn’t have been near the human traffic in the area. Still they adapted to the surroundings and have gone on to have three owlets to feed…which have now fledged.
I’m sure the rabbit population has declined in the area since they have taken up residence.

Being nocturnal the adults would normally be active dusk to dawn…but with 3 owlets to keep track of Mrs. Great Horned was on high alert.