Sure Sign of Summer

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

If anyone has driven down a country road you may very well have heard or seen a Meadow Lark (Robin like in size)
Commonly seen perched on a fence posts or wire…singing it’s heart out.

They can be found all across the Prairies…living in open grasslands, farm fields and pastures.
Meadow Larks are ground nesters feeding on seeds and insects like many other birds.

Their songs are always uplifting and a sure Sign of Summer.

Summer Place Encounter

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

The Turkey Vulture is not one of the most attractive birds. Some may find them downright ugly…having a featherless Red Head.

These large Eagle like in size birds can often be seen along roadways or riding the thermals in a circular pattern…while tilting from side to side. Inflight they tuck their heads in close to their body…almost looking headless.

They use their keen sense of smell to locate carrion which is the main food source. So your unlikely never to see one in your back yards.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.

With Options Available

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

As of the May Long Week-end…I’ve options with our summer place now opened up.
Being an early riser my routine is to make coffee, grab a travel mug and head out to check the haunts around the Gimli area.

First morning out and it’s nice to see a pair of Osprey have returned…unlike last year with no nesting birds at the sites I visit.
Safe to say that I’ll get my Osprey Fix this year…since there’s now options both in town and at the lake.