How Time Flies

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

It seems like only yesterday and I was on my way to Churchill with the opportunity of a life time to photograph Polar Bears…Nov 13/2010 the plane departed Winnipeg @ 6:00 am. and 14 hours later back home with a pile of photos to process.

A most memorable day spent that will not be forgotten.

When the Stars Align

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Out of nowhere comes a juvenile and I was caught off guard…by the time I stopped I had great shots of the South end of a North bound Eagle…crap ( not exactly what I said but you get the idea )

As I watched he began to circle back…this time I was ready and watched this magnificent bird fly between me and the trees in full fall color.

Perhaps he felt sorry for me and just wanted me to have another chance…some times the stars do align and one gets a second opportunity.