Thinking of Things to Come

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

I’ll start out by saying this Snowy was from last season…so thoughts of winter owls begins since I’ve received a couple reported sightings.
It does seem a bit early which makes me wonder why ?

The temps have now dropped and froze the country dirt roads that I frequent…which means less chance of getting stuck and a long walk to ask Mr. Farmer to come pull me out.
Now just have to wait for some clear sky.

Critter on the Move

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

After spending 5 hours playing with Eagles last week…all good things must come to an end and I decided to pull the plug and head home. My day was done or so I thought.

Leaving Hecla and recapping the day some movement ahead along the bush line caught my eye…unsure just what it was it soon became apparent that there was a Coyote working the ditch in search of something ?

Unusual that it didn’t immediately bolt back into the bush but rather gave me plenty of time to click away.