Strange Year For The Osprey

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

It’s been a strange year for the Osprey up at our summer place this year. Of the three locations I check I haven’t seen any young ?

It’s unclear as to why but my thoughts are it’s weather related. Perhaps all do to a late spring and then a long cold snap…this may have had something to do with the mating process and the viability of the eggs that may have been laid.

This all means that there was no chance of watching the young do their pre-flight flapping at the nest sites.

Hopefully next year will bring better results.

Coopers Play Time

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

By nature the young Coopers enjoy to frolic in the trees and on the ground as well. This had all be evident during recent visits to the Gardens.

If one is found rest assured the other siblings will soon appear and the fun begins.

English Gardens…A Birders Delight

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

The English Gardens draws all sorts of people with different interests…while most come to take in all the beautiful flowers and plants. For me it’s the flowers and plants that attract the birds such as the Ruby-throated Hummingbird and Indigo Bunting which are my prime subjects.

The bonus for this Aug so far has been the opportunity to have close encounters with a family of young Coopers Hawks.

Simplest way of seeing birds is to look for groups of the many photographers that visit there this time of year.