Back with Eagles

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Once again returning to the secluded clearing in the bush where I had found Eagles collecting in the fall.
Sitting at the start of the bush trail and pondering different ideas on just how to approach them while watch them through the bush.
It soon became apparent that some of the Eagles were using the trail clearing as a flight path.
Then the light bulb went on…it only made sense to sit and wait rather than me go to them.
Well realizing my approach had been wrong on the previous two trips…I made a mental note on that morning for next year’s trips.

Cheers !

Always Thinking of Things to Come

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

As you know I’ve been out and Snowy Owls have been located…as I’m always thinking of things to come my thoughts turn to Great Gray Owls.
Will the season be a good one…who knows.
Remembering back last year on a day that started out sunny and bright and then turned dark and cloudy with snow…whatever the conditions the owls are still around and one makes the best of it.
Finding this owl on a low perch while the snow began to fall was one of the rewards for the day.

They’re Baaack…That’s No Crow

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Well the clicker finger has been getting itchy with the anticipation of returning Great White Owls from the North. One day short of a year to the date of last year’s first spotting of a Snowy Owl seemed like a day that might relieve the itch.
So going with that gut feeling and positive thoughts I headed Out-n-About to check areas that have produced in the past.
The time passed and the eyes sore from staining to see an owl…then finally a White Beacon on a pole.
Not a Big Fan of pole perched owls but hey…take what Mother Nature provides.