Playing in the Sandbox

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

We recently had some -30c temps not including the wind-chill here in Winterpeg which made it easy to stay inside.
Sifting through some misplaced files and was happy to locate some Peregrine fledge photos.

Unfortunately the timing and location had been such that banding wasn’t possible.

All kids like to play in the sandbox, that’s a given…even young Peregrine Falcons.

Perhaps One of Those Years

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

For the last while my focus has been on Snowy Owls. Only because there has been literally no sightings of Great Grays or Hawk Owls.

It may very well be one of those years were locating them will be difficult,

With some recent heavier snowfalls this may be what is required to bring them out along the roadways.

There is plenty of time yet but it’s time to switch up the game plan and search for Great Grays.