Spring Must Be in the Air

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Excitement is building with the return of the first Peregrines. For those that don’t know…I’ve been involved with the Peregrine Project since 2006. Each year we need to ID the returning birds by confirming the band number. This task can be frustrating at times as the birds do not always cooperate by showing their band…often more than one trip is needed to be able to get a readable photograph of the band.

With the lost of 2 females last season it’s going to be an interesting year to see who is returning and who is hooking up with who.

Now the question remains will Princess the resident female from the Radisson return for another year ?

Confirmed that Hart (Logan male) and Faith (West Wpg female) are back in town…will have to wait and see if they stay together.

Peregrine 2018 Gallery is up and running with more photos to be added through out the season as things progress….You will need to copy and paste the below link.