GHO Nest Site

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Great Horned Owls can be found in parks and woods lots throughout the city. Since they aren’t nest builders they rely on using old crow’s nest which are abundant. You would expect to find them in quiet surroundings.
Something that is becoming more apparent… pairs are nesting in a high traffic residential areas on private property.
Just shows you how they have adapted to their surroundings and tolerate human traffic.

Peregrine Fly-By

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Normally we would be able to check on the Logan site remotely but an unforeseen hiccup has occurred.

In other wards it was required to do a site check the Old Fashion Way…with hands on approach.

No she’s not a remote control bird…Spencer (Brandon hatch 2013) was part of a transmitter program.

Peregrine Up-Date

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Well it’s that time of year…Peregrines have been returning and getting down to business.

We have been closely monitoring the sites and confirming over the last little while who has paired up with who…this is what we know as of April 28.

– Radisson…Pip & Fiona have 3 eggs and she choose the East Side ledge (not what we wanted but it is what it is)
– West Wpg…Ty & Ella have settled right in and now 3 eggs.
– Logan…Hart & Spencer also with 3 eggs.
– Incubating has now begun at these locations.
– will also be keeping a close eye on other locations to see how they progress
– last but not least…now working out details to have a Live Camera View.
Yes everyone will be notified when/if this happens.

Bookmark the link for Peregrines 2019…more photos will be added in days to come/when available.