Sad News in Peregrine World

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Sad news received that the veterinary staff had to make the tough call to euthanize Beatrix.

She had been rescued in Texas after a hail storm in that area March 2016. After all the proper paper work had been put in place Beatrix arrived back in Winnipeg by way of a commercial flight in Dec 2016.

On her arrival she went back in to rehab here…and after a year of treatment her feet weren’t healing with new infections continuing to reappear.

Beatrix was hatch from the Radisson Hotel (downtown Winnipeg 2011)

She had been the resident female at the West Wpg site in 2013-2015

We had hoped that she would be released back into the wild this spring.

What has taken place with the Snowy Owls

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Nature can be cruel…a recent article stated that here in Manitoba 17 Snowy Owls had been brought into a rehab suffering from starvation and other injuries…it’s possible the count could even be higher ?According to the story 15 of which had to be euthanized…I wonder how many others had not been found and given a chance ?

As in past years, there are good numbers of owls seen at the beginning of the season and then the count drops off.

They can still be found but it’s a hit-n-miss as where they will be located from day to day.

Nature will take it’s coarse and what will be will be…I’m hoping now that the ones I find are all healthy,strong and good hunters that will survive…like this all but pure white male.

Getting the Look

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Getting the look just after this Snowy enjoyed a morning meal…he wasn’t willing to share and soon departed back up onto a nearby perch.

Never tire of looking down a lens and making eye contact with such a beautiful bird.