Peregrines…the Bitter Sweet

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Not a good year for the Peregrines as we lost three adults…Joli ( resident female Logan ) Bristol ( female from West Wpg 2014 ) and Beaumont ( male from West Wpg 2014 )

Bristol had partnered up with Sundance ( Logan 2013 ) and successfully had 3 chicks…the Bitter was she had been found dead near the site.

The Sweet being that 1 of their chicks was found, checked out, banded and fostered by Joli & Hart at the Logan site…as circumstances had prevented us from returning her to the nest…and named Bridget.

Sundance ( Logan 2013 ) now a lone parent went on to do a fine job in providing for two hungry chicks. Last time they had been seen they appeared to be doing well.

Timing turned out to be perfect one morning as I spent a few hours with one of the chicks…I believe it had likely just fledged that morning and it took some time before finding the wings and being able to reach a higher perch.