It’s Getting Close

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Close to the middle of March and the thoughts of Peregrines returning is now on my mind. We are now underway and have already begun to prep for another season.
The question that’s always on our minds at this time is…will Princess (Minneapolis hatch 2002) again return for another season ?
As you know she returned last year for her 15th season at the Radisson but they hadn’t produced any eggs.
Last year the first bird back was March 17th…so it’s a wait and see when and who will return this year.
Stay tuned as the clock ticks down.

Radisson Hotel…Peregrine Up-Date

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Year after year Princess has returned to stake claim to her territory at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Winnipeg. For the last few years the question has always remained…will she return ?
She is no longer a spring chicken and it was a delight to see she returned again for another season.

Princess (2002 Minneapolis) is back for her 15th. season at the Radisson… To date she has had 4 mates, laid 48 eggs & raised 42 chicks.

Unfortunately for all the Peregrine Phanatics they Princess & Pip have taken the year off with no eggs laid. Everyone misses tuning into the Live Cam…starting with a glimpse of the little white fluff balls, the feedings and then the wingersizing before fledge day.

I for one will miss all the action the birds provided at banding time…Princess still made her presence known when we did visit the rooftop