Peregrine Chick…Working His Wings

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Return visit to where the chick that was previously having a bath…I’m calling him “Splash” for the lack of a better name.

Now finding him on a higher perch, exercising his wings…after watching him for an extended amount of time he made two flights. He appeared to have this flying/landing thing down pat and doing very well for a new fledge.

First Chick Banded

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Friday July 6th and we had our ” 1st.” chick banding, a male and yet to be named.

Ty and the new female Ella ( Brandon 2015) had 4 eggs with only one egg hatching. The other three eggs weren’t viable and had been pulled from the nest.

He definitely had an attitude which may be a good thing…don’t know what he thinks of his bling

He reminds me of a little Sumo Wrestler.