Gray Owl Search Put on Hold

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

The endless search for Great Grays has been a disappointment this year. Now that we are nearing the middle of March the owls will soon setting up territories and then the matting process.

After many miles and hours logged coming home with no rewards has become frustrating…the same goes for other photographer friends.

It is what it is and Mother Nature isn’t always cooperative…there will be next year.

Manitoba’s Most Wanted List

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

The Great Gray Owl has made the Manitoba Most Wanted Owl List.
Last week and my first dedicated search of the Great Grays…after a 10hr day I returned home with NO rewards.
Other than enjoying the sunshine and the countryside…plus a visit with Domo Dave.
Dave runs a small gas bar/store/cafe in a little hamlet in prime Gray country…a very interesting fellow who loves to chat.
Like I’ve stated recently…it may be one of those years with few or no sightings. But I haven’t given up hope as there is still plenty of winter left.
Cheers !

Never Forgot the First One

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

The saying goes…”You’ll Never Forget the First One”.

Strange how the mind works…I have problems remembering names, dates and where I need to be so that’s why they invented the calendar to write things down.

But when it comes to owls/birds I have no problems remembering…I can still remember the exact location on Maple Creek Road on Jan 11th 2009 and my First Encounter with a Great Gray.

From that point on I was hooked and have now photographed many over the years.

So it’s true…”You Never Forget Your First”.