Looking Forward to Winter

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Over the years I have logged many kms/miles and put in countless hours in search of the Winter Owls…some day’s returning home with little to no rewards for the time spent.

Then there are times when Mother Nature cooperates and everything falls into place and stops you dead in your tracks.

It’s still much to early to be searching for the Ghost of the Forest but hopefully this year will be a good one.

Funny how I can’t remember names or dates but able remember locations of were a photo was taken.

Fingers crossed that it will be a good owling season…time will tell.

Great Gray on the Wing

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Reflecting back to a trip taken this past winter in search of Great Gray Owls. Though it appears to be a warm sunny day it was in fact -25c but no wind…it was warm enough that no gloves would be required.

With an active owl located it turned out to be a great opportunity for flight captures as it hunted the roadside for a meal.