Working with Peregrines

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

I’m pretty much open to any opportunity that will provide an opportunity to photograph a Peregrine.
This all started back in 2006 when I became involved with the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project.

Over the last few years it only made sense to jump at the opportunity to work with Parkland Mews.
Parkland is a captive breeding, falconry and educational centre that provides students and groups the opportunity for an up-close encounter with Peregrines.

Meet Gracie from Parkland Mews


photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Meet ” Headache ” a Red-tailed Hawk ( Falconry Bird )…I understand that folks may disagree with falconry and I do respect that.
Falconry was made legal in Manitoba in 1998, in order to have a bird a licence needs to be obtained form Manitoba Conservation who have strict guidelines in place.

I took advantage of the opportunity and spent some time with Headache and her handler Neil on their afternoon hunt. This will now be the 8th. bird I’ve worked with over the years.