photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

I was like a “Kid in a Candy Store” when I discovered an older file that I had miss placed…since there has been a lack of Snowy Owls this year I was happy to sift through the folder.

Cheers !

Helped Out by Snowmobilers

photo courtesy of Dennis Swayze

Yesterday I took a chance to explore some back-country roads around Wpg. for Snowy Owls. Most of the roads where in decent shape and some had been cleared, while others where all drifted in.

From one road to another with nothing spotted, then a turn down a road that appeared to be drifted in…the encouraging thing was someone had gone before me.

Couple miles from a good road I stopped to check poles with binoculars…and there she sat. Making my way towards her I thought I would sit and watch to see if she was actively hunting.

Short time passed and the sounds of snowmobiles now could be heard heading down the trail that takes them near the owl …I wasn’t the only one that heard them. They headed closer towards the perched owl and it was easy to tell that she didn’t appreciate the noise.

Off she went, away from the noise and towards me with camera in-hand…who would have thought I would be thanking snowmobilers for spooking an owl.